ACD-An Anime with a collaborator

ACD has been an ongoing project for the last 3-4 months. The goal is to bring to life a unique idea for an anime by self-producing the first episode. By self-producing I mean everything from character development, environmental design, writing, music, soundfx, storyboarding, rendering, and composition.

It’s coming along nicely. Currently, I’ve managed to sloth through the first 1/3 of the storyboarding.

Here is some cool art.


LYNKS-A Webtoon

Here is the “link”, if you will. 



Summary: Princess Naim, from the Land of Aneah seeks to find the truth of what happened during the Fire of the North Forest that consumed her mother and tore apart her land. Fraught with unseen forces attempting to stop her, she travels the treacherous snowy terrain of the floating island, encountering its inhabitants and find a bit of adventure along the way! Learn the Legend of the Tamoulkien Prince in Book I of LYNKS.


Just moving along on the next project!  As I’ve stated before, I can’t keep still when it comes to experimenting in different mediums. My last post was just that: a post featuring some character design and development. Things tend to move quickly when I get excite about a project. While a writer colleague of mine constantly “sees” the story play out in his head, I’ve never really worked that way. That is, until now. As this project- ominously titled “ACD”-is one of the animation medium, I can “see” the progression of the camera angles and the flow of the dialog. What I’ve determined is that there is a TON to do. I sat out for a 23-min anime short and I plan to complete just that: a 1380 second anime short. Introducing the characters just enough to create intrigue and have the effect of “what’s going to happen next” and, simultaneously, act as a complete chapter in the storyline. Easier said than done, admittedly.

This project has taken a life of its own and I’m happy to see it flourish and grow under my direction!

Having FUN!